Audit on EU projects financed from pre-accession funds (IPA)

Albania is a candidate country following the Brussels European Council of June 2014.

The EU provides financial assistance to candidate and potential candidate countries and helps them reform and adapt their institutions and legislations. Financial assistance takes the form of projects on the ground following phases of programming and contracting. Hundreds of projects are being carried out across all sectors, countries and regions.

EU awards grants for financing various activities of member states and candidate countries for EU membership. The eligibility cost criteria are very rigorous and it is important to be familiar with them in order to justify the funds received. Our team of auditors has long time experience in auditing costs of projects financed from EU funds and programs.

We offer following services:

  • Audit of projects financed by EU
  • Consultation about project administrative and financial management
  • Supervision of the project administrative and financial documentation

For more information about EU Projects in Albania please visit EU delegation in Albania